posted: 2/23/2018

Kezia Vida speaks with Donna Costello and Maritza Mercado-Narcisse about the upcoming Definitive Figures Festival in New Orleans which focuses on individual and partner performances based on the experiences of women are female-identified people.

Get Tickets here:

posted: 2/2/2018


On December 10th, 2017, Paper Monuments hosted History Unbound at the New Orleans Public Library, where folks could stop in on a Saturday afternoon to learn some fascinating New Orleans history and answer Paper Monument’s overarching question: What is an appropriate monument to the city of New Orleans today? 

Records from Ellis Marsallis’ personal collection spun on the record player. Colored pencils and collaging materials lined long tables. Public Proposal forms were placed at each seat so that attendees could share their ideas for what and where monuments in New Orleans should be.

Paper Monument posters -featuring people like Dorothy Mae Taylor and stories like the funeral of André Calloux, the sit-in at McCrory’s, and the enslaved people’s uprising of 1811- were available for the looking and the taking. Artists Henry Lipkis and Langston Allston stood outside their box truck gallery parked and pulled open on Loyola Ave., depicting imagery from the myth of Bras-Coupé. 

To round out the afternoon, two young scholars of Homar Plessy Community School shared poems from their work with Big Class’ writing program. You can find their poems in print in the book Courageous, Eccentric, Diverse: New Monuments for New Orleans

Finally, I followed up with Paper Monument team member and lead graph designer Shoshana Gordon to talk about their open call #3 for poster designs. Although the open call is now closed, keep an eye out for Paper monument’s free newspaper to stay afloat all things Paper Monuments. 

posted: 1/31/2018

::LISTEN HERE: wants to fix corruption in the political system and they have a long-term and solution-oriented plan to do so. 

From February 2nd through February 4th, is hosting its first Unrig the System Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana to bring together policy wonks, journalists, entertainers, politicians, activists, organizers, academics, and concerned citizens across partisan and ideological lines to work through concrete solutions with a goal of making political corruption illegal in the U.S. political system. 

Westley Bayas III- a New Orleans born and based civic and community consultant- joined WTUL in the studio to talk about why working to reform democracy matters (especially here at home in Louisiana); the local chapters across the nation that are fighting corruption in real-time through local and state initiatives; and how you can be part of the solution. 

Registration is still open for students and locals in New Orleans. To learn more about and sign up for the Unrig the System Summit, you can go to and

Students can register with the promo code suss218 for $20 and locals can register with the promo code nola218 for $50. The summit will take place at Tulane University’s Lavin-Bernick Center from February 2nd-February 4th. Topics for the action-packed summit include the future of: money in politics, gerrymandering, Citizen’s United, voting reform, transparency, and more. 

posted: 2/28/2017

Keyboard ist keinesfalls gleich Keyboard. Insbesondere für den Fall, dass Sie turnusmäßig spielen, ist es wesentlich, dass Sie das Instrument erwerben, das Ihnen langanhaltend Freude macht und motiviert.

Dies Spielgefühl ist hierbei ein wichtiger Faktor. Dieses Spielgefühl mag mehrfach bestimmen, inwiefern Sie auf lange Sicht Freude am Spielen haben werden. Beachtenswerte Faktoren, auf die Sie beim Kauf des Keyboards achten müssen:

In der Auswahl der Keyboards gibt es bereits in der grundlegenden Ausstattung jede Menge Unterschiede. So sollte das Gerät unbedingt einen Umfang von fünf Oktaven bieten.

Außerdem sollten die Tasten mitnichten zu schmal oder zu kurz sein. Dies wird speziell Neulingen das Erlernen des Keyboards erleichtern.

Achten Sie gleichermaßen darauf, dass die Oberfläche der Keyboardtasten so hergestellt wurde, dass Sie keinesfalls abrutschen.

Bei Ihrer Suche sollten Sie des Weiteren beachten, dass die Lautsprecher Ihres Keyboards hochwertig sind, damit der Klang des Keyboards auch langanhaltend gut klingt und mit der Zeit nicht schlechter wird.

Achten sie darauf, dass das Gerät über jegliche Anschlussmöglichkeiten verfügt, die heute zum Standard gehören. Ein USB-Anschluss ist dieser Tage Norm bei zahlreichen Keyboards und ermöglicht es Ihnen, neue Klänge einzuspielen, sowie Dateien in das Keyboard zu laden. Es ermöglicht obendrein, eigene Sounds einzuspielen und diese auf dem Rechner zu speichern.

Wichtig ist gleichwohl eine Klinkenbuchse, um dort einen Kopfhörer anzuschließen. Dies hat den Pluspunkt, dass Sie auch in der Nacht trainieren können, ohne dass andere Menschen senkrecht in den Betten stehen (und beileibe nicht mitsingen).

Benötigen Sie Zusatzfunktionen, beispielsweise die Möglichkeit des Live-Einsatzes und unterschiedliche Sounds, greifen Sie besser zu einem Instrument der Profi-Klasse.

posted: 4/11/2016

Winter Circle Productions and WTUL present Kurt Vile at Republic Sunday April 17!

Tickets & info:

posted: 2/22/2016

Help support your favorite radio station by donating to our annual pledge drive!

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Mrs. Bordelon
Happy Sunday C
7/2/2017 7:06 AM

5/23/2017 1:54 PM

Jay Adams
And now we have Hazel O Connor, The Plastics, and Toys by Spandau Ballet! Laura, you're a doll for keeping the soundtrack of my life on the airwaves! Many kisses!
7/12/2016 1:46 PM

The radio station is falling apart. Because of the broken machines, the broadcast is constantly interrupted to the point y'all are unlistenable. I donated $225 to this year's Marathon, where did that money go? Having working CD players is paramount to having a radio station. Until WTUL replaces those broken machines, I have to listen to other stations, and that sucks!
7/11/2016 2:34 PM

longtime listener
Wow WTUL, I'm embarrassed for yall today :( The DJ on air at the 9:30am air break (interrupting Democracy Now) made a total ass of himself, whining about how we aren't listening to HIM comment on the news. Meanwhile he's interrupting the family of the man killed by police in Baton Rouge earlier this week, as well as other folks connected to that story. I think it is obvious why we have compelling interviews with folks who are relevant to the news instead of an irrelevant angry man-child like Jimmy Huck. Presumably this only happened because of some kind of summertime staffing shortage, but still, we the listeners deserve better. When the airwaves aren't being hijacked by pathetic figures like him, WTUL is still one of the best radio stations in New Orleans. But please don't ruin it, and don't like people like this go on the mic nonstop, interrupting a really important story like that of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.
Show: Thu 6-8am - classical
7/7/2016 10:08 AM

Laura Charles Brunies
Thanks Jay Adams!!! I appreciate you!!
7/6/2016 3:31 PM

Ariel Barnes
A deep dish of gratitude to WTUL for playing our new record MAXWELL, MUHLY & COULOIR...many times :) COULOIR has been to New Orleans and Baton Rogue before and you're inspiring us to come back, if for no other reason to stop by the station and meet you! You now have my ear :)
6/28/2016 6:00 PM

birthday melvins rule
6/28/2016 9:12 AM

Hey WTUL, keep up the great mix of music! Keeping you in my rotation of streaming stations. Cheers!
6/23/2016 1:58 PM

Jay Adams
Castles in Spain, Leave in Silence, and Make a Circuit With me, wow! Laura Charles, you are always impressive!
Show: Thu 2-4pm - Progressive
6/20/2016 2:44 PM

11:12 am
Porgy and Bess (2012 revival)
PS Classics
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La La Land (2016 score)
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The Battle
Gladiator (2000 score)
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Starman Leaves / End Title
Starman (1984 score)
Varese Sarabande
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Madeline Kahn
On the Twentieth Century (1978 cast)
Soony Broadway
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A Little More Mascara
Douglas Hodge
La Cage Aux Folles (2010 revival cast)
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Twenty Million People
My Favorite Year (1991 original cast)
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Captain Underpants
Captain Underpants (2017 score)
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Captain Underpants
"Weird Al" Yankovich
Captain Underpants (2017 score)
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Siping Beauty
Nu Wrinkle

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